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I'd be glad to help out now that I can access the wiki (can't access .wikia sites for some reason), but someone needs to move the pages over first so I don't start writing out a page that already exists. Alternatively, if someone could post a list of the current pages here/ what pages need writing, that would be awesome.

P#3610 2011-11-08 05:55


I'm for moving the wiki away from "wikia". Wikia sucks. It's slooooow and bloated, not just ads but unnecessary interface elements.

P#3612 2011-11-08 06:13


I haven't encountered a problem with this mediawiki other than the memory thing for processing large images.

Based on the above error message and the file I used, I'm assuming the maximum size of a single image it can manage is roughly... 32kb? Maybe 24?

Even then it still displays as long as you use it full-size instead of thumbnailing it, and the image can always be replaced, although its properties page can't be accessed directly due to the out-of-memory error stopping it.

P#3644 2011-11-08 14:23


Oh, and there really wasn't much information on the wikia to begin with, unfortunately, so don't be afraid of rewriting everything. Yeah, there's a page on basic controls/gameplay, another listing all actors in the game, and another listing all items...

I guess the screenshots are salvageable, although I'd prefer versions without the grey grid on the bottom (save a vob and crop to just the generated thumbnail of the item, perhaps?) but all the real meat that NEEDS to be on a wiki is in the editor, which was barely fleshed out to begin with beyond the basic room editor's toolset.

In the last edit I added a section of "Tips and Tricks" which really NEED to find a way to be incorporated into the editor's page(s) at some point:
* Placing the actor that looks like the player in the room sets where the player will appear when the room is loaded. Placing a powerup or other item inside the player actor will cause them to immediately and unavoidably pick it up. This can be used to force the player to switch weapons or start with a bonus multiplier or just award health without leaving it laying around.

* To make a room appear to be entered from a different direction, for instance when going 'backwards' from an alternate path, make a copy of the room and change the player actor. Select the room you want to copy in the rooms list, press Ctrl+C to copy, make a new room and make sure it's open in the room editor, press Ctrl+V to paste it. Note that all items and enemies will be spawned every time the player enters the room, so it's usually better not to leave free points laying around or remove them from the new copy.

* Copying and pasting works in the voxel editor, too! You can use this to move items between the six pages of editable prop objects, and even copy actors and items and paste them into the object editor as statues. Placing statues of health packs in places where a player would really need them is a very evil thing to do!

* There are six "voxel object banks" available to keep your level props and objects in. The first has a few default objects in it, but you can save or load entire pages to/from it by simply opening the page of objects you wish to save, hitting the "Save Level" button, and naming the file something that ends in .vob or .vob.png ... The resulting image will contain all of the objects in that page of objects, but will not be a playable level. Similarly, loading a set of props will replace the currently selected page.

* Naming the first room "_dojo" makes the Sword of Fortune permanent, even if you take damage, and also makes the game start with one.

* When using _dojo, grabbing another weapon powerup will still change your weapon, and when it runs out of ammo the player will be reverted to the normal pea shooter. However, picking up another Sword of Fortune will be permanent again. This can be useful for transitioning between shooting and swordfighting.

* Item 9, the door object, has two modes: When used with "door mode" set to "off", the object appears in the map as a floating rainbow squid-thing and setting the room to go to as a room that doesn't exist (-1 is handy for this) or the same room, it normally ends the game. However, when door mode is "on", the game does not end and the invisible door item is instead "picked up" like every other item. This can be used to trigger events, such as hidden items that appear only when the player is standing directly on top of them.

* Using multiple player spawn actors will teleport the player to each one as it is activated. This can be used in conjunction with events such as the invisible door objects outlined above or a timer after monsters have been defeated, to move players to an otherwise difficult to reach place, such as another room in the same area, or on top of a high pillar, without reloading the map.

These are all VERY useful things to know for any adventure-creator, and it took a while for me to learn all of them. The only thing I left out (because it wasn't officially released at the time...) is that you can copy-stamp actors between completely different files if you leave the editor open, which allows you to 'steal' the dragon boss actor from the alpha campaign if you have it, which is otherwise inaccessible since its object number was never added to the editor. (It is supposedly a pile of quick hacks just to show off that larger moving objects are possible, after all.)

P#3645 2011-11-08 14:36


I tried copy/pasting templates from wikia and (unsurprisingly) some worked and some didn't. I exported all the templates for media wiki, but sadly I need privileges to import them into voxatron's. I also copy/pasted the enemies pages (and added it's pictures) and it worked perfectly.

P#3653 2011-11-08 15:47


Oh, I'm loving the new wiki. I've always thought mediawikis were much more cleaner.

I'll help as much as I can to transfer existing material over to the new wiki.

P#3659 2011-11-08 16:43


Needs Parser extension.

Edit: Also, it done crashed. The infobox template as it stands (incomplete, I was just pasting over the standard Wikipedia one, page by page) gives a memory error. 32mb doesn't seem to be enough. l Zep: Install the standard Infobox template, lock those pages, and put it back up.

P#3728 2011-11-09 16:43


Oh, the wiki refers to the editor as 'Voxode' because I spelled it wrong. Sorry about that. :P I'll take a look at the new wiki shortly.

I've added a bunch of links to non-existent pages on the wiki, so please go ahead and fill them in with content.

I've also appended the above 'tips and tricks' as a sub-section of the editor's page, though I'm not sure how you guys want to have everything look. I've never really worked on a wiki before.

P#3743 2011-11-09 20:21


Alright, it looks like the new wiki is good to go then. I bumped the php memory limit up to 40mb -- Let me know if you still have trouble uploading large images.

Parser extensions look nice, but do we really need them? I want to keep the installation as clean as possible so it's easy to maintain, as I think it will become a crucial resource. I'm open to persuasion though -- could you give me an example of when they would be useful?

Also (I'm a bit of a noob at this) -- how does the templates thing work? Is it needed to allow importing stuff from the existing wiki in the same format? If so, I'd rather just manually reformat it (for similar reasons)

I'll take a pass over the editor section in the weekend and add some more prominent links to the wiki early next week.

P#3880 2011-11-10 15:46


Im a bit noob at templates as well, but to my understanding, no, it is not needed, in fact, I easily ported the box template I did to this wiki, others failed a bit, but the formatting problem goes only for templates. Copy pasting articles from the old wiki will work, as long as we have replicas of the old wiki's templates in the new one.
The problem is, the wiki has no basic, pre-installed templates at all. Some of those are needed for custom templates, and some are just useful for pages (like the stub one).
Copy/Pasting all of them is a load of work, so the idea is to import them from another wiki that is similar to the one we intend to create (I would suggest minecraft's).

P#3887 2011-11-10 17:46


ParserFunctions would be vital to me. I have crafted a monster page template which includes a list of behaviors each monster exhibits, such as if it can jump, shoot, or break voxels. Unfortunately, without ParserFunctions, it is currently completely impossible for me to automate this to ANY extent, instead I am forced to rely on clumsy manual template input to populate the list.


{{Monster|Alien.png|8|behaviors=* Damages player on contact
* Jumps
* Shoots [[File:AlienShot.png]] which breaks voxels
* Attempts to evade the player's projectiles}}

The newlines are non-negotiable, and this list needs to be made consistent/extended across each page manually, particularly if the wording of some lines are changed or additional representative icons are added.

P#4089 2011-11-12 11:23


I wonder if alternatively I could call templates for each behavior from inside the template to pass them? That kind of thing sounds completely ridiculous.

P#4194 2011-11-12 23:26


I'd love to help out if I could!

P#4196 2011-11-12 23:40


Parser extensions make infoboxes a piece of cake, and general templates really easy.

P#4287 2011-11-13 20:46


@Rammite can you edit your original post to include the proper link to the new wiki? It's a pain searching through to find it each time when you don't have it bookmarked.

P#4288 2011-11-13 20:53


Added individual pages for every monster with a standard format. Most content copied from the previous Wiki and reformatted.

Also added a bunch of redirects... mainly, the 'old' names that people at the original Wiki had created for the monsters redirect to the 'correct' names.

@JTE Your monster template is exactly why we need Parser. The behavior thing is cumbersome and it would be so much simpler otherwise. Also, you italicized text on monster pages... I kind of took the liberty to change those to "flavor" texts. The stats are listed above, and on the page, so there's no need to restate the stats. Think of the italicized text on M:TG cards. (nerdy ol' me has been playing a lot of Wagic on the PSP)

P#4313 2011-11-13 22:37


I would love to be able to help out the wiki. I am very bored with the game (too much playing), and played most of the player created levels. I would like to be able to help out at the wiki. I will start by editing pages now.

P#4347 2011-11-14 07:07


I did not italicize text on monster pages... What? You mean the additional notes-type thing at the bottom? I suppose. It was mostly there because I couldn't think of a decent way to add in things like the movement speed or other interesting unique features of a particular monster that don't really fit into any of the generic behavior checkboxes, you know?

Actually, since every monster has SOME particular movement speed of relevance, generally either being very fast or very slow (or in the Alien's case, both) it'd still be better to have a section of the template specifically to give the speed in some distinct measure of units. I don't know, voxels per second?

P#4482 2011-11-15 23:13

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