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  Mean Streets - City Under Siege (Work In Progress!)
   Just a simple city-level I have in the works. I think some of my models (The buildings/Roads) might be a bit big as Vox sporadically crashes and I need to save a *LOT* as I work. Making the rest after I post this, Is just a completeable test of the blocks assembled into a map. The lil' blue bugs are supposed to pop out of the mouth of the huge ones when they appear, But sometimes they spawn around them instead.

   The finished levels will be interconnected by the doorways which will spawn portals when each room is cleared, And contain more furniture as I get to making them. I know the buildings block a lot of the foreground action so I tried to make enemies spawn only where you could see them. Maybe in the future some kind of transparency can be added to the blocks. (Hint, Developer! :D)

LATER EDIT: Now that I finally understand how the uploading to the BBS Level List works (LOL!) it should show up in the list as # 4108 now!

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Posted by DR4IG 2011-11-10 13:52

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