aktane [Lexaloffle Blog Feed]https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?uid=68530 CrossGunrD+ Released! <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=135213#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_crossgunrdplus-0.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=135213#p"> crossgunrdplus</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=68530"> aktane</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=135213#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> </p> <p>-- CROSSGUNR D PLUS -- ANOTHER FREE UPDATE!!! --</p> <p>So I took the code from CrossGunr: Infinite, and I....</p> <ul> <li> <p>New Graphics and Adjusted Music</p> </li> <li> <p>Less slowdown, smoother gameplay ( sorry cave fans! )</p> </li> <li> <p>New EX mechanic ( bubbles ) - no bar gained during EX's ... will make it a bit harder but still tuned to perfection!</p> </li> <li> <p>Repair Locator (for when you're busy dodging hellfire!)</p> </li> <li> <p>Boss Healthbars (yay!)</p> </li> <li> <p>Score differential (how close are you to beating your high score?)</p> </li> <li> <p>5 Scores saved on cart - PERMANENTLY!</p> </li> <li> <p>Restart Run in Menu (For when the run is forfeit.. :( )</p> </li> <li>Reset Scores in Menu (For no reason at all)<br /> Enjoy</li> </ul> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=54403 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=54403 Sun, 01 Oct 2023 14:52:52 UTC CrossGunr: Infinite - Released! <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=126981#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_crossgunrinfinite-8.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=126981#p"> CrossGunr: Infinite</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=68530"> aktane</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=126981#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> </p> <p><a href="https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr-infinite">https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr-infinite</a></p> <p>Hey All!</p> <p>In Release 1.7 I have immortalized winners from my recent caravan competition :) They will forever be in this game now!</p> <p>Also I have fixed options movement in Level 20 and later, there was a bug causing options beyond 20 to be stuck to the middle of the screen ( they now move as they should along with the other dozens of options in virtual insanity... the way it should be )</p> <p>I believe this will be the last update unless another bug is found. Thank you to SquidLight yet again for his guidance on tokenizing my code so I could fit in the caravan winners.</p> <p>Time to take a short break from devving!</p> <p>~May your crossguns generate enough EX to cancel your daily evils~</p> <p>-Aktane</p> <p>This is my take on an &quot;endless&quot; infinite game using crossgunr as a basis... and learning more about design and coding in the process... hit the token limit about a thousand times... thanks to lazy devs discord warriors for helping me through, you know who you are!</p> <p>Final Caravan scores:</p> <img style="margin-bottom:16px" border=0 src="/media/68530/CGI FINAL!.png" alt="" /> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=51991 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=51991 Sat, 11 Mar 2023 15:31:05 UTC CrossGunr DX Released! <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=124896#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_crossgunrdx-0.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=124896#p"> CrossGunr DX </a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=68530"> aktane</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=124896#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> <br /> Updated Art by Helicity, find him on twitter here: <a href="https://twitter.com/helicityboson">https://twitter.com/helicityboson</a><br /> Updated Music by me! </p> <p><a href="https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr">https://aktanedev.itch.io/crossgunr</a></p> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=51371 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=51371 Thu, 26 Jan 2023 17:32:04 UTC CrossGunr - Release Candidate! <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=115814#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_crossfire-29.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=115814#p"> Summer Carnival '22: CrossGunr</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=68530"> aktane</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=115814#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> </p> <p>hey I'm Aktane - I THINK IVE GOT SOMETHING!!! ENJOY!!!!</p> <p>Aug 30 - final boss added! ooooo boy! but no boss music yet :)</p> <p>Aug 29 - Getting used to the music editor and time for some jams! getting there!</p> <p>Aug 28 - the level gets bigger, now everything MINUS the final boss and the music, and scoring tweaks are in! lots of Quality upgrades, power up is BACK!, we have tuning on the HP of many things, we also have some bullet sealing so you dont get SHOT IN THE ASS by the aimed shot turrets.... </p> <p>Aug 27 - Made Repair faster, added a ton new enemies, put together a new level, enjoy!!!! powerup is down for now but it will be back :)</p> <p>Aug 24 - Back from Vacation and made the game a bit easier, and LOTS and LOTS of Code Reconfiguring and Bug Fixes... but there's still way more work to be done :) NEW POWERED UP SHIP SPRITE THO! :)</p> <p>Aug 19 - POWER UP ADDED! Bullet clearing added when hit or repairing... SUPER HARD SHOOTING GAME WEEKEND EDITION! I WONT BE ABLE TO CODE UNTIL TUESDAY! A TON OF CHANGES HERE AND FINALLY A LEVEL TO PLAY! ENJOY AND TRY TO GET TO THE END!</p> <p>Aug 17 - THE BOXES HAVE TRANSFORMED TO EVIL BATS!, USE YOUR EX! HITBOX SYSTEM REVAMPED!, BULLET SPRITE UPDATED! HIGHSCORES HAVE A CLEAR or NO CLEAR INDICATOR!</p> <p>Aug 16 - BULLET SEALING ADDED! Ship reverted to regular power. New Intro, New Hit Detection, New Shield Animation. New UI!</p> <p>Aug 15 - Committed first build</p> <p>Blame Krystman - he's doing a game jam!: <a href="http://itch.io/jam/basic-shmup">http://itch.io/jam/basic-shmup</a></p> <p>Here are his tutorials from Lazy Devs Academy: <a href="https://youtu.be/81WM_cjp9fo?list=PLea8cjCua_P3Sfq4XJqNVbd1vsWnh7LZd">https://youtu.be/81WM_cjp9fo?list=PLea8cjCua_P3Sfq4XJqNVbd1vsWnh7LZd</a> </p> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=48911 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=48911 Mon, 15 Aug 2022 21:06:24 UTC