bonbon [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] pico-chicken <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117353#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_pico_chicken-0.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117353#p"> pico_chicken</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=65056"> bonbon</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117353#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> <br /> Hello,<br /> I tried to make a little game like tamagotchi.<br /> Best Regards</p> <p>Bonbon</p> Tue, 13 Sep 2022 13:53:23 UTC pico-paint <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117209#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_wibokadaho-0.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117209#p"> Pico paint</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=65056"> bonbon</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=117209#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> <br /> This is a small tool with which you can create 16x16 pixel arts in the pico8 color palette.<br /> best regards</p> <p>bonbon</p> Sun, 11 Sep 2022 15:49:00 UTC how to convert a cartrige in a qrcode? <p>Hello,<br /> I'm currently trying to convert a pico8 card into a qrcode (or several), but unfortunately I can't find anything how something like this could work. I know that there is a possibility with &quot;save @url&quot; but then the map is not saved but this card needs it. I had also seen that it had already been tried but didn't find anything further about the procedure but also online services which say they would not be able to do something like that but only save the image and output a qrcode with a link in itself or with a pythonscript which didn't work either. I don't know what else to try if I could get a hint about this I would be very happy.<br /> best regards</p> <p>Bonbon</p> <p>Sorry for my bad english</p> Sun, 11 Sep 2022 15:42:27 UTC