myogaman [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] dset(some string) ?? <p>I'm relatively new to Pico-8 (and programming in general). So I have two quick questions.</p> <p>Can you save strings similar to the dset method? I know you can save each character in a slot but that brings me onto my next question.</p> <p>Can you have more than one cartdata to save to? I'm trying to economize my 256 memory slots. Without saving character names, I can fit about 4 saves in that space. But I can only fit about 2 or 3 with doing letters in each slot.</p> <p>If there is no way to have multiple cartdatas or a similar feature, is there a more effective and accurate way to store multiple characters in a single byte?</p> <p>I was thinking of some crazy stuff like adding up the alpha-numeric value and dividing it or taking away a certain amount but it's too late at night and I'm a bit brain dead from all my stuff before hand.</p> <p>Thanks in advance!</p> Sun, 08 Oct 2017 09:14:03 UTC