gmauger [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] Is PICO-8 Useful for College Level Classes? <p>Hello! I'm a research student at the New Mexico State University, and I've been analyzing the usage of different IDE's used in game-development related classes (Digital Game Design, Senior Projects, Intro to Game Design/Programming, etc.).</p> <p>I was recommended PICO-8 by my professors, and I quickly became addicted to messing with this fun, simplistic software.</p> <p>However, I was wondering if any teachers, professors, or students have had any experiences with PICO-8 in the college classroom. What class was it used in, and how was it implemented?</p> <p>I asked a similar question to the TIC-80 community, and I would love any insight about either software! Also, if available, would you guys be willing to share some sample projects (while crediting the creator, of course)?</p> <p>Thank you for sharing!</p> Mon, 26 Jul 2021 21:42:59 UTC