RockyMM [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] Feeling betrayed <p>It was November 2011. I backed Voxatron on Humble Bundle. I was really excited. It looked so promising. I was looking forward to playing all what was promised.</p> <p>Time and time again promises were broken. The release next week would be the month after next one, the release next month would be next year.</p> <p>Pointless percentages on &quot;Development&quot; page. One man army adding unnecessary features nobody asked for never mentioned in the first pitch. Overambitious&quot;console&quot; design of Voxatron. For one man. And development plan straight out of Oracle or SAP; poor fit for a one person hobby project.</p> <p>What ticked me off to write this post was Hololens presentation of Minecraft on E3. It's almost everything that Voxatron aspired to have. It does not have story mode, but neither Voxatron will have; and probably will not have in this decade. Voxatron is getting irrelevant really fast.</p> <p>I feel that I got good fun for the money I invested in Voxatron. But I cannot help but feeling lied to when I look what all has been promised and when it was promised and what we have right now.</p> <p>I have lost any illusion that Voxatron will be finished with current effort. The best thing that can happen to Voxatron right now is to get opensourced or to have a team of people take it over and work on it for few months seriously. Community may or may not recover but the game would be in finished state.</p> Tue, 16 Jun 2015 06:01:45 UTC