Kittycat [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] Do any code editors highlight &quot;if/end&quot; pairs? <p>Hey all! I'm trying to find a code editor, or code editor extension, that can highlight matching pairs such as function/end, for/end, if/end, etc. - similar to how most code editors will highlight matching parentheses or brackets.</p> <p>I haven't really gotten the hang of proper indentation yet, and I'm having trouble troubleshooting nested bits of code where I end up with the wrong number of &quot;end&quot;s at the end!</p> <p>Except for this issue, Brackets and Visual Studio Code have both worked nicely for me so far. Simple/lightweight programs are preferred if possible.</p> <p>Any suggestions, even of what terms to search for, are greatly appreciated! Thanks for helping me with this total amateur question!</p> Sat, 10 Oct 2020 20:05:44 UTC