Gyzzko [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] Picoban <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=94040#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_yakitajada-0.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=94040#p"> picoban 1.0</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=39015"> Gyzzko</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=94040#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> </p> <p>Picoban - a sokoban for pico8, still in WIP !</p> Fri, 25 Jun 2021 21:32:13 UTC pixelmaze 0.1 <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=76243#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico8_pixelmaze-1.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=76243#p"> pixelmaze 0.1</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=39015"> Gyzzko</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=76243#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> Hello! For my first game, I created a very difficult little game! You have to pick up the key to get to the next level, but be careful! If you hit red, you start the level all over again.<br /> New levels will be coming up in the next few days.</p> Sat, 09 May 2020 16:38:16 UTC