danmakesgame [Lexaloffle Blog Feed]https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?uid=29544 Battleman Towerkill - Championship Edition <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=52404#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico53000.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=52404#p"> Battleman Towerkill - Championship Edition rev1</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=29544"> danmakesgame</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=52404#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> </p> <img style="margin-bottom:16px" border=0 src="https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/files/29544/towerkill_cover.png" width=630 height=500 alt="" /> <p>The insidious rulers of Al-Sarmalabim have wronged you, and now it's time to get revenge!</p> <p>Press Z to jump, press it again to smash into the ground, but careful not to fall or it's game over.<br /> Press X to slice away at your enemies. Kill the blinking red one, but be sure to grab any loot you might find first, or you're not going to afford upgrades between levels.</p> <p>Little game i made after messing with some casual dungeon random generation. No sound at all, sorry!</p> <p>UPDATE: I've optimized the code enough to add a few suggestions from the comments!</p> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=31234 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=31234 Sat, 05 May 2018 10:43:04 UTC