Blocks [Lexaloffle Blog Feed] Requested Features and Development Direction <p>I'm really loving this game and I've got some requests! My requests were prompted by Zep himself. He stated in his blog that the alpha build was released with the intention of allowing the game's development to be directed by the players. Right now there are a lot of things people are requesting that will be covered by the addition of character customization, enemy customization, and power-up customization. The first two features Zep has already said are in the works and I wouldn't doubt that power-up customization would be far behind those. I'm looking more towards features that would make the game's editor more robust. I think the best way to do this is to aim at emulating existing game's gameplay mechanics. If you can re-create popular games then you can use the engine's toolbox to create any kind of game you want. That's what voxatron should be: the ultimate mash-up/retro gaming/cooperative building/voxel game engine. I think a goal for Voxatron (and I also believe this is true for Minecraft) should be to emulate as many existing gameplay features as possible. If some people don't want these extra options they don't have to use them, but I would love to have them.</p> <p>My personal vision (which is just a fun example) of what the official adventure mode can become:<br /> You're the Voxatron robot in a action RPG-esque world that mixes the modern day urban/suburban with surreal Katamari Damacy like elements. There are streets, shops, and people, but there are also giraffes driving cars and aliens in the park (whatever!). The robot completes the game by going to various character's and locations in the game to play through minigame levels, possibly unlocking features/items/characters as they go. The robot can play the minigames by interacting with objects in the games �real� world like arcade cabinets, consoles, characters, and ordinary objects like bicycles and comic books. You interact with those objects, they ask if you want to play their minigame, you say yes, and then you're transported to a new level with unique gameplay elements. You beat the minigame and you're back in the �real� world with more areas and minigames unlocked. Beat the game by unlocking the big (difficult) final minigame.</p> <p>FEATURE REQUEST</p> <p>-A destructible/indestructible toggle option for all objects in the editor.</p> <p>This can profoundly expand gameplay and level development.</p> <p>-A far enough &quot;render distance&quot; (or whatever you would call it) that we can't see the voxels being generated and erased. </p> <p>I've read far enough back into Voxatron's early development to know that the &quot;dispaly cube&quot; style was a deliberate choice made by Zep. I think that the way the game world is displayed now is a great option (Think of entering a small house in an RPG and changing screens to a large interior with a black backdrop. Every RPG does this! Love it!) but I'd like further options in how the world is displayed. I'd also like the option to change the backdrop of the level itself from black (as it is now) to a static or animated voxel image (maybe even parallaxed?).</p> <p>-Bounding blocks that separate a playable area from a non-playable graphical only area.</p> <p>This could go a long way towards developing emulated/specific gameplay styles. To emulate Mario Brothers style you make your level run horizontally and limit the character's and enemies playable area to a very thin strip only a few voxels wide. Oldschool side scrolling! Just make an invisible block in the editor that's indestructible and passes through all existing models. They'd move through a 3d world but retain 2d gameplay that you could switch back to 3d in a specific area of the level just by removing the bounding block or replacing it carefully. You can also do a death collision block!</p> <p>-Custom camera angles for levels.</p> <p>Even if you limit this to just one alterable angle per level, the benefits would be significant. If you can make the camera angle rotatable in-game with no loss in speed and playability--do it yesterday (please!)!!!</p> <p>-NPCs and dialogue trees.</p> <p>Character's, signs, etc.</p> <p>-Larger and more customizable level size limits.</p> <p>It would be a blast to have a large enough level that you're not worried about hitting the edge. I'm all for making specific level areas with gateways to other levels as opposed to making the world one endless and open plane. That kind of Zelda gameplay is great! I just want bigger levels. :) You would also be able to make long, thin sidescrolling levels or any other variation you would need.</p> <p>-�Actors� with specific platform, vehicle, and other gameplay functions besides enemy or NPC.</p> <p>Platforms that fall when you touch them and then get back up. Platforms that spring you into the air. Block that push and pull. Spikes. Basically that stuff that modders have put into Minecraft, but MORE!!!</p> <p>-Anything else that would open up further game mechanics and elements to the editor.</p> <p>Just as I said before!</p> <p>That's it for me. This is just my two cents! Take it for what it's worth! Can you guys think of anything else? Thanks!</p> Sun, 06 Nov 2011 01:29:11 UTC