evraire [Lexaloffle Blog Feed]https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?uid=14045 Space Guardian <p> <table><tr><td> <a href="/bbs/?pid=24250#p"> <img src="/bbs/thumbs/pico24249.png" style="height:256px"></a> </td><td width=10></td><td valign=top> <a href="/bbs/?pid=24250#p"> Space Guardian 1.0</a><br><br> by <a href="/bbs/?uid=14045"> evraire</a> <br><br><br> <a href="/bbs/?pid=24250#p"> [Click to Play]</a> </td></tr></table> <br /> Defend the Earth from a natural disaster: waves of asteroids are on a collision course and it is up to you to stop them! Space Guardian is reminiscent of classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Asteroids. What's your high score?</p> <p>This is a port of my ludum dare 31 entry which you can <a href="http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&amp;amp;uid=40143">play here</a>. I might come back and add sound later.</p> https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3749 https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3749 Sat, 02 Jul 2016 04:58:21 UTC