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Voxatron is a fantasy console and collection of games made entirely out of voxels (little colourful cubes, kind of). The Alpha version comes with an arena shooter and action-adventure cartridges as well as powerful design tools to make your own voxelly games!

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Get Voxatron

Become a registered user of Voxatron and receive free updates forever as well as two special cartridges with the release of v1.0: Voxatron Arena and Voxatron Story -- a meta-adventure that explains the origin of the console itself.

Bonus: PICO-8

All Voxatron users also receive access to PICO-8, Voxatron's little 2D cousin!


As well as official carts included with Voxatron, there is also a growing collection of user-made games that can be played via an in-game bbs cart explorer. Cartridges posted on the BBS are also freely playable and shareable via an HTML5 browser. > Play!

Voxatron Designer

Make your own carts or remix other carts with the included set of design tools. Create your own animations, characters, pickups, music and build intricate interactive worlds out of them! > Check out the Designer forum

System Requirements

To play Voxatron, you'll need Windows, Linux or a Mac with a 800MHz cpu and any video card.

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